Woodlands Parkway Widening (Forest Gate to Kuykendahl)

This project is complete!


  • The widening extension is for the addition of an outside third lane along the eastbound Woodlands Parkway
    from approximately 800 feet west of South Forestgate Drive through the Kuykendahl intersection to the east side along
    Woodlands Parkway.
  • There will also be a left turn lane extension from northbound Kuykendahl Road at Lake Woodlands Drive.


  • Construction began late 2017 and is expected to be complete by late May of 2018.

If you have any questions regarding this project please contact the Precinct 3 office at 281-367-3977.


Project Status:

Currently, the third lane addition is open during the day from Lake Woodlands Drive to Kuykendahl Road, with the exception of the eastern right turn lane into the shopping area.  There is some movement by the contractor of the traffic barrels during the day that allow more access on occasion.

The storm sewer line has been recently constructed on the north end of the project, and there is a small amount of curb and gutter left to be added.  These were left off to accommodate the movement of the heavy equipment.  The contractor is finishing the open ditch grading and excess earthwork removal along the whole project length.

There are ADA features currently being constructed at the Lake Woodlands Drive intersection, leaving only the signal work to be performed at N. Forestgate Drive.  Once the roadway work is complete, the entire project can be opened to traffic, with the contractor only having to provide seeding in the newly constructed open ditch section.  The traffic signal mast arm extension at N. Forestgate will be installed separately after the road is opened, with temporary traffic control measures briefly in place.Woodlands Parkway (Forestgate to Kuykendahl) | Commissioner James Noack

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