Transportation Task Force


October 10th, 2016 at 10:00am

  1. Call to Order – Commissioner James Noack


  1. Precinct Three Road Bond Projects Update – Commissioner James Noack
    1. Rayford Road Widening
    2. Woodlands Parkway Widening
    3. Woodlands Parkway / Robinson Road Diamond Interchange
      1. Special Presentation by BGE


  1. Update by the Woodlands RUD#1 on projects – Robert Heineman
    1. Kuykendahl Bridge Widening
    2. Lake Woodlands Overpass


  1. Update on Rayford Road Acceleration Lane – Commissioner James Noack


  1. Discussion of Short Term Mobility Projects – Commissioner James Noack


  1. Update by Texas Department of Transportation – *Pending Confirmation
    1. FM 2978
    2. HOV Lane



  1. Any other updates


  1. Adjourn


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