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A Summary of Needs

Commissioner Noack is proud to partner with The Woodlands Township, Cites of Oak Ridge North and Shenandoah, Texas Department of Transportation, Woodlands Road Utility District and Houston-Galveston Area Council to provide a comprehensive mobility study. Here is a brief overview of what will be studied;

  • Traffic Counts

  • Roadway and intersection geometrics

  • Signal timing

  • Turning movement counts at Major Intersections

  • Inventory and assessment of condition for Pct. 3 Roads and Bridges

  • Hot Spot Crash locations

  • Land use plans

  • Reliever routes (Rayford to Hwy 242)

  • Improved access to I-45 at major roadways

  • Intersections improvements

    • I-45 at Robinson Road, Rayford, Sawdust, Lake Woodlands, Research Forest, SH242, FM 1488

    • Grade Separations

    • Woodlands Pwky at Woodloch, Six Pines, Gosling and Kuykendahl

    • Lake Woodlands at Grogans’s Mill, Gosling and Kuykendahl

    • Research Forest at Grogan’s Mill, Gosling and Kuykendahl

    • Rayford at Railroad Tracks

    • Tamina, Woodson and Robinson at Railroad Track

  • Exxon Campus and impact to South Montgomery County

These are just some highlights this study will evaluate and make recommendations. This joint effort will provide us with a better understanding of our current and future transportation needs.

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