Montgomery County Precinct 3 | James Noack

The center left-turn lane on Rayford Road at Aldine Westfield will be closed indefinitely starting today (Jan. 7) as construction crews install the underground drainage system along eastbound Rayford Road, east of the DD6 bridge. The outside eastbound lane will be closed and the inside lane and center turn lane restriped in order to keep two eastbound lanes. Restriping of the road and traffic signal work starts today, with concrete barriers relocated later this week in order to block the existing outside lane to protect the construction crews.

Rayford Road at Aldine Westfield barrier placement | Precinct 3

The inside eastbound lane on Rayford at Aldine Westfield now will be a left-turn yield on green, with a protected green turn arrow cycling in.

The restriping will end just west of the intersection at Canyon Ranch and Gateway Baptist Church at this time. The Canyon Ranch intersection will be realigned at a later date.


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