Montgomery County Precinct 3 | James Noack

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s Office will be seeking bids for the Rayford Road improvement project from Waterbend Cove to Birnham Woods Drive in August.

The project will widen Rayford Road to four lanes from approximately 40 feet east of Waterbend Cove to approximately 400 feet east of Birnham Woods Drive.  A new concrete roadway will be constructed on the south side of the existing Rayford Road lanes from just east of Waterbend Cove to west of the intersection with Birnham Woods Drive to create the two eastbound travel lanes. The existing road will be for the two westbound lanes along that stretch.

The construction includes an additional bridge for eastbound Rayford Road traffic just east of Spring Trails Park Drive.

The project also involves constructing a traffic signal at the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods intersection and widening Birnham Woods Drive to four lanes from approximately 600 feet north of Rayford Road to approximately 600 feet south of Rayford Road. All four Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection approaches will have a dedicated left-turn lane.

This has been one of the projects on Commissioner Noack’s priority list to provide improved mobility in the high-growth areas east of the Grand Parkway.

The bid is scheduled to be released this week with a due date near the end of August. The project is slated to start in the fall and will take approximately a year to complete.

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