Asphalt repair BLE | Commissioner James Noack

Four intersections to be signalized during Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive project

As part of the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive widening and intersection improvement project, Montgomery County Precinct 3 will be installing traffic signals at four intersections.

Originally, the design plans called for traffic signalization of the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection. However, with the continued residential growth and increased number of vehicles, traffic signals also will be constructed at the Rayford-Allegro Bend, Rayford-Spring Trails Park Drive and Rayford-Harmony Forest/Harmony Creek Boulevard intersections in order to provide better traffic flow and improve safety.

Traffic signal work should start in early to mid-July at a couple of the intersections, with all four completed by the end of the project.

Rayford Road extension - 4 signals added | Commissioner James Noack

The bridge deck east of Spring Trails Park Drive should be poured by the end of the week, weather permitting. Once completed, crews will start working on the left-turn lane from Rayford to Spring Trails Park Drive and the rail of the bridge.

Scope of project: The project will widen Rayford Road to four lanes from approximately 40 feet east of Waterbend Cove to approximately 400 feet east of Birnham Woods Drive. A new concrete roadway is being constructed on the south side of the existing Rayford Road lanes to create the two new eastbound lanes. The existing road will be for the two westbound lanes along that stretch. Left-turn lanes also will be added for eastbound and westbound traffic at most of the intersections.

The construction includes an additional bridge for eastbound Rayford Road traffic just east of Spring Trails Park Drive.

The project also involves constructing traffic signals at the Rayford Road intersections with Birnham Woods Drive, Allegro Bend, Spring Trails Park Drive and Harmony Forest/Harmony Creek Boulevard.  Birnham Woods Drive also will be widened to four lanes from approximately 600 feet north of Rayford Road to approximately 600 feet south of Rayford Road. All four Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection approaches will have a dedicated left-turn lane.

The Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive widening, intersection improvement and signalization project started at the end of October. It is a 360-calendar day contract to complete the job.

Kuykendahl Road widening contractor continues work on bridge

All drill shafts at Bear Branch have been completed, with contractor WadeCon LLC continuing work on the bridge abutments and prepping the dirt for concrete pavement later this summer.

Scope: The approximately 1.5-mile project will widen Kuykendahl Road from a two-lane half boulevard to a four-lane full boulevard from Lake Woodlands Drive to Research Forest Drive.

Project design includes construction of two 12-foot-wide northbound vehicle lanes from north of Lake Woodlands Drive to south of Bay Branch Drive with an 8-foot-wide outside shoulder along the new northbound lanes. There will be a new bridge constructed over Bear Branch for the northbound lanes that have the shoulder as well as a walkway, mirroring the existing bridge.

The two existing lanes will become the southbound lanes once construction is completed.

The project started in January 2021 and is a 365-calendar day contract to complete the job.

Flintridge Drive repairs

Contractor Teamworks removed all existing road pavement and asphalt shoulder last week, and has completed stabilized base work. Upon completion of setting the steal, the concrete road pavement should be poured later this week, weather permitting. That will be followed by asphalt shoulder work and then striping.

A 500-foot stretch of the eastbound lane and shoulder of Flintridge Drive, just east of the George Mitchell Preserve, is being replaced. This was necessary after the Woodlands Water Agency repaired a sanitary sewer line running along the shoulder that is several feet underground.

Flintridge Drive is closed to through traffic between Falconwing Drive and Rush Haven Drive for the duration of the project. Residents still have access to the Mitchell Preserve coming from the west.

Asphalt Projects (Upcoming/Ongoing)

  • Rayford Road east of Birnham Woods Drive

Last week, contractor Vulcan completed the asphalt pavement from East Benders Landing heading east to North Ossineke Drive in Benders Landing Estates.

Asphalt work starts this week on the stretch from just east of Birnham Woods Drive to East Benders Landing.Asphalt repair BLE | Commissioner James Noack

Sections of westbound Rayford Road along that same stretch also have been identified for repairs once the eastbound side is completed.

Residents should expect alternating lane closures and traffic delays during the project and should slow down in the construction areas.

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