Precinct 3 Residential Recycling Facility

Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s Residential Recycling Facility brought in hundreds of Montgomery County residents and over 40,000 pounds of recyclables and household hazardous waste during its annual free day on Saturday.

“Free Day was a huge success and it could not have been possible without the help from all of the Precinct 3 employees that came out ready to work,” said Residential Recycling Facility Superintendent Matt Bickley. “Free Day is a great service that Commissioner Noack provides for all Montgomery County residents.”

Precinct 3 Residential Recycling Facility

Residential Recycling Facility Foreman Raymel Stevenson organizing paint in the Household Hazardous Waste facility.


The Breakdown:

Household Hazardous Waste:

  • 9,000 pounds of paint and paint related material
  • 1,000 pounds of household and lawn care chemicals
  • 250 fluorescent and CFL bulbs

Electronics: 20,000+ pounds

  • 175 Televisions
  • 50 Laptops
  • 65 Monitors
  • 6,000 pounds of miscellaneous electronics


  • 125 Tires
  • 1,000+ pounds of brush and yard debris

“I am proud of Montgomery County residents for working together to eliminate pollution and waste in our community by utilizing this facility,” said Commissioner Noack.


For more information or with any questions, please visit or call 281-367-7283

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