Montgomery County Commissioners Court on Tuesday approved payment of $4 million to Harris County for the Precinct 3 share of the Gosling Road widening and bridge construction project over Spring Creek. The check was expected to be issued Tuesday afternoon.

The project is a joint effort, with Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s office funding $4 million and Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle’s office funding the remaining $4.2 million of the $8.2 million project.

The project falls within the boundaries of The Woodlands Township, which benefits from the costs being spread among property taxpayers across Montgomery and Harris counties instead of falling solely on the shoulders of The Woodlands property owners if it were a city.

This is the second combined effort between Noack and Cagle to fund a project benefiting The Woodlands Township and its residents on both sides of the county line. About five years ago, the approximately $5.5 million Kuykendahl Road widening and bridge construction project over Spring Creek was completed. That project was jointly funded among Montgomery County Precinct 3, Harris County Precinct 4 and The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1.

In addition to the two precincts partnering on the Gosling Road project, The Howard Hughes Corporation donated land for additional detention areas to meet drainage requirements.

“We appreciate the willingness of The Howard Hughes Corporation in working with us and keeping this project moving forward,” Noack previously stated. “When we all work together, we are better stewards of taxpayer dollars. We are excited to get this project going, which will greatly improve safety and mobility along this thoroughfare in our community.”

The Gosling Road widening and bridge construction project is scheduled to start later this year.

The project will widen Gosling Road to a full four-lane boulevard between Creekside Forest Drive in Harris County and Gatewood Reserve Lane on the north side of the project in Montgomery County. It will result in two 12-foot lanes in each direction. The road pavement will be 10-inch jointed reinforced concrete with 8-inch stabilized subgrade.

The widening includes the construction of a 1,817-foot bridge crossing over Spring Creek for the two new southbound lanes. The existing bridge lanes will become the two northbound lanes. The sidewalk and existing 8-foot shoulder along the northbound side will remain. The new southbound bridge will have a safety shoulder for motorists to access in case of vehicle breakdown.

“We are excited to get this very important connector between Harris County and Montgomery County built,” Noack previously stated. “This is one of the most utilized routes between The Woodlands and Harris County and will greatly improve both safety and mobility for motorists traveling on Gosling. It is great to see leaders in Harris and Montgomery County working together to make this happen.”

Northbound Gosling Road at the intersection with Creekside Forest Drive will be restriped to allow two through lanes of traffic and a left-turn lane. Some minor adjustments will be made to the emergency traffic signal at the intersection with The Woodlands Fire Station No. 8 to account for the new southbound lanes.

The additional detention will be constructed on the north side of the project and drain into Spring Creek.

Harris County awarded the contract in July to NBG Constructors.

The construction project, once started, is estimated to take 14-15 months to complete.

The Gosling Road and bridge construction project is one of several major projects mainly within the boundaries of The Woodlands and totaling approximately $27.85 million that Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner Noack’s office has completed over the past five years.

They include:

  • $7.2 million: Woodlands Parkway widening from Grogan’s Mill Road to Interstate 45 – Added through lanes, provided safer access/exits at intersections, improved signals and pedestrian crossings, added a few turn lanes off of side streets
  • $4.75 million: Kuykendahl Road widening and bridge project from north of Lake Woodlands Drive to south of Bay Branch Drive (In progress) – Constructing two north bound lanes and northbound bridge over Bear Branch to widen from a two-lane road to a four-lane boulevard
  • $4 million: Gosling Road and bridge project (see above release)
  • $3.75 million: I-45-Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road interchange project – Upgraded interchange, improved/added turn lane storage and through lanes, adjusted turn-lane movements and added traffic signals to improve flow of traffic and access onto and off of I-45 frontage roads in both directions
  • $2 million: Kuykendahl Road widening and bridge construction project (Precinct 3 share of approximately $5.5 million project)
  • $1.8 million: Lake Woodlands Drive widening project from Interstate 45 to west of Six Pines Drive – Added through lanes, turn lanes and turn-lane storage, improved traffic signals, median crossings and pedestrian crossings
  • $1.6 million: Upgraded/added traffic signals at 13 intersections in The Woodlands
  • $1 million: Woodlands Parkway widening eastbound from Forest Gate to Kuykendahl Road – Added third lane
  • $981,000: Grogan’s Mill Road-South Millbend Drive intersection improvement: Added turn lanes, turn lane storage, reconfigured intersection and upgraded traffic signals
  • $465,000: Bridge rehabilitation – Repaired Precinct 3 bridges/channels after 2016 storms
  • $300,000: Turn-lane improvements/extensions at three intersections

For more questions, call Andrew DuBois, Precinct 3 project manager, at 281-367-3977 (office).

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