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This morning we have already seen about another 1-2” of rain. As we move through the morning we are watching two more systems to our West and South, as they move in a NE direction. These systems are expected to impact us in one fashion or another, regardless of which one, we are going to get wet. Today’s totals will range from 1” and up, depending on your location in the county. We can expect to see up to 2” per hour with rainfall totals of 6”. This means, street flooding and street closures. Our rivers and creeks as you know are already at or near crest, and these will come out of their banks. While we do not expect to see the mass flooding that we saw last Friday and Saturday, we could see water at or in some homes. After this system moves through, we should see another break overnight until tomorrow morning again.

Tomorrow much the same as today. There is a front moving down from the North, which will stall over our area. Depending on the exact location of the stall, will greatly impact how much rain we see. Again tomorrow’s totals could equal what we see today, with a slight difference of a faster rainfall rate. Again, flash street flooding will happen immediately, followed by our watersheds draining into already swollen rivers and creeks. With residential flooding a possibility.

Another point of great concern over the next two days is wind. These storms have been tracked moving at speeds greater than 25 mph. This means our trees are at risk of falling due to ground saturation. They are good at winds less than 30mph, but any winds greater than that and we will have additional issues. We can see wind gusts like we saw last week, with sustained winds at or near 25mph.

Saturday should bring some relief, with scattered storms possible. Then we should begin to see a clearing pattern, with dry and hot conditions next week. Next week we should see temps at 90 +, which we haven’t seen to date.

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