Montgomery County Precinct 3 | James Noack

Earlier this year, Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack called on every department head and elected official to reduce their budget by 5 percent. On Friday, the budget workshop concluded and a 2018 fiscal year budget of $328,751,430 was announced, resulting in a budget reduction of 5.51 percent, roughly $19.2 million less than the previous year’s budget. The 2017 proposed budget was $347,914,687.

“I’d like to thank all department heads, elected officials and the court for working together to make this budget reduction happen,” Noack said. “I am proud that the court showed our commitment to law enforcement by adding 53.5 new positions while still accomplishing the goal of a 5 percent reduction.”

Curtailing spending has been a crucial part of Commissioner Noack’s initiative to provide tax relief to the citizens of Montgomery County.

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