June 17, 2015

Spring, TX – The South County Mosquito Abatement program is responding to the first mosquito sample to test positive for the West Nile virus in the 2015 season. The sample was collected from an area that lies north of Rayford Road, between Geneva Drive and Aldine Westfield Road. Treatment of the affected area will begin once weather conditions permit the effective application of insecticide.

Surveillance of the area will continue in order to monitor further West Nile activity and will be expanded to surrounding areas in order to identify other areas that require treatment.

Residents are advised to avoid outdoor activity when the disease carrying mosquitoes are most active, which is the period between dusk and dawn. If going outside, insect repellent should be worn at all times. In order to reduce the number of disease carrying mosquitoes standing water should be eliminated from private property. Any standing water on public property should be reported to the Commissioner’s Office.

For more information or to report an issue, please contact:

Commissioner Noack’s Office

Montgomery County Precinct 3

1130 Pruitt Road

Spring, Texas 77380


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