Montgomery County Stimulus

Montgomery County is still awaiting guidance from the U.S. Treasury regarding the $500 economic stimulus for homesteaded property owners in Montgomery County.

When Commissioners Court unanimously approved the program, the county was hopeful to hear from the U.S. Treasury and begin the application process July 1. The program was approved by the county pending approval from the U.S. Treasury.

Commissioner Noack is working closely with the County Attorney’s Office and with our federally elected officials to receive approval of this program in writing. The county must have this in writing because the provisions in the CARES Act state the usage of the funds are subject to a “clawback.” A clawback means the feds could ask the county to return these funds to the U.S. Treasury if they feel the program doesn’t meet their guidelines.

While both Commissioner Noack and the county attorney feel the program meets the guidelines, receiving conformation is imperative to protect the county and the taxpayers.

Commissioner Noack will provide updates as they become available.

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