CharlesJackson | Montgomery County Animal Shelter


CharlesJackson | Montgomery County Animal Shelter

The first adopter of the Home for the Holidays special with her new kitten and Animal Shelter Director Charles Jackson!


The Home for the Holidays promotion, which waives the standard $80 adoption fee for up to 500 animals, has resulted in over 150 adoptions in just the last three days.

The program, put in place by new Montgomery County Animal Shelter Director Charles Jackson, is made possible thanks to generous residents of Montgomery County sponsoring the adoption fees.

“When I involved myself in the animal shelter situation, it was apparent that there was a complete leadership void,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack. “In one week Charles has done more than I imagined possible.”

Jackson said the adoption process is no different through the Home for the Holidays special except the fees for vaccinations, spay or neutering and microchips are all waived. All animals must be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.

There are still about 350 or so animals available for free through the holiday special so make your way out to the MCAS and save a life.

“With the right leader, the true spirit of this community can be harnessed and animals saved,” said Noack. “In one week Charles Jackson has inspired this entire community, employees believe in him, and the lives of animals are being saved. Thank you!”

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