Elan lanes open | Precinct 3

The new westbound lanes along Elan Boulevard have opened from Birnham Woods Drive to just before the intersection with Aldine Westfield.

One eastbound lane from Aldine Westfield to Birnham Woods Drive is open, pending restriping. Once restriping and some median work is completed, the second eastbound lane will be open to traffic.

Elan lanes open | Precinct 3

Stops signs are in place at the exits from Legends Trace, and drivers are reminded that there now is cross traffic when exiting the community that includes the two new westbound lanes.

Crews are working to complete the median, traffic signal and turn lanes along Aldine Westfield at the intersection with Elan Boulevard.

For any questions, call the Precinct 3 office at 281-367-3977.

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