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Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack’s focus on mobility and safety continues with the Elan Boulevard widening project, scheduled to begin Monday, Aug. 27.


Using 2015 road bond revenue approved by voters, the project is part of Commissioner Noack’s initiative to improve mobility in one of the fastest-developing areas of Montgomery County. Elan Boulevard was identified as a high-priority project in the South County Mobility Study.

The project includes the construction of concrete roads, storm sewer infrastructure, intersection left-turn lanes and a traffic signal.

Project overview:  

  • Elan will be widened to four lanes from Aldine Westfield Road to Birnham Woods Drive. Aldine Westfield Road also will be widened to four lanes from Elan Boulevard to Knoll Oaks Lane.
  • A traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Elan Boulevard and Aldine Westfield.
  • The project is anticipated to take up to nine months to complete
  • The project is expected to have minimal impact on motorists with existing right of way already in place. The two new lanes will be built adjacent to the existing road.


Elan Boulevard Project | Commissioner James Noack

What you should expect to see and hear during construction

              Noise: Construction uses heavy equipment and can be quite noisy. The work will be scheduled for times that have the least impact on residents.

              Dust: Construction work will kick up some dirt and dust. We will use onsite sweepers and water trucks to minimize the impact.

              Equipment: Heavy equipment is part of construction. Expect heavy machinery in the right of way.

Working closely with property owners, residents, local business owners and the community throughout construction is a priority for Montgomery County and                              Commissioner Noack. Both the county and contractor will work with the community to address concerns and identify opportunities to reduce disruptions during construction.


  Direct questions regarding the project to Andrew DuBois at 281-367-3977 or

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