Montgomery County Precinct 3 | James Noack

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack and Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark are jointly calling for the management and oversight of all county departments to be placed back under the entire court.

“I believe this is a positive move and one that is necessary to keep the integrity of the court’s actions intact,” said Commissioner Clark. “With the increased and intense scrutiny the court is receiving at this time, my belief is that my vote is a voice for the people that elected me to make the best decisions for Montgomery County. We may not always agree and that’s OK-these important decisions need to be made by the entire court.”

On Jan. 26, 2015, the court approved in a 4-1 vote to, “approve a Resolution supporting the need for the Montgomery County Judge to reorganize departments that report to Commissioners Court.”

Art. V, Sec. 18 of the Texas Constitution states, “The court shall exercise powers over county business as provided by law.” Commissioner Noack believes the Texas Constitution needs to be followed explicitly.

“Though the opportunity to delegate authority may be permitted, it is not wise. The people elected me as commissioner to be able to make these types of decisions pursuant to the Texas Constitution and statutes and when the court approved this egregious resolution they robbed the power from the people of Montgomery County,” said Commissioner Noack. “Delegating these responsibilities to just one sole authority has created a dictator on our court.”

Commissioners Noack and Clark have submitted an item to be placed on the Tuesday, Feb. 14, court agenda asking that the court, “Consider, Discuss and take action on returning county administrative/management structures back under the entire court.”

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