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CONROE- Montgomery County Precinct 3 and Precinct 4 Commissioners James Noack and Jim Clark along with Precinct 3 Projects Manager Evan Besong worked collectively at the animal shelter with current Director Dr. Todd Hayden and Assistant Director Mark Wysocki on Thursday to discuss a formal plan of “action items” to be presented in the upcoming Commissioners Court session.

“We met and walked around the animal shelter for over two hours and devised a clear-cut plan that we feel will turn this facility into a best-in-class shelter,” Noack said. “We have collaborated with animal shelter experts as well as current and former employees, volunteers and fosters to assess the main issues that need to be addressed.”

The list consists of 76 action items that are classified into one of five categories including:

  • Facilities (indoor and outdoor)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staffing/Uniforms
  • Technology
  • Other

Every action item is also labeled as a short, medium or long-term project.

A main point of focus is the hiring of a permanent animal shelter director. The Human Resources Department is currently reviewing and interviewing the final 10 candidates and hopes to have the final 3 candidates submitted to the court for interviews by the end of November.

“We want to make sure that we select a director that is 100 percent dedicated to taking on a role of ownership,” said Clark. “It is necessary for him/her to set a structure in place that not only demonstrates good management, but also good communication.”

A number of improvements have already been completed so far, including:

  • Shelving in food room replaced
  • Fresh paint in the hallway, doors, door frames, triage room, food room and vet office.
  • Uniforms: All current staff has received County ID badges and uniforms. Volunteers will now receive one t-shirt upon completion of volunteer training.

Other notable action items that are currently undergoing or have yet to be decided:

  • Modernized kennels-currently looking at quotes.
  • Improve signage- Plan to replace old sign with updated, larger sign outside.
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic-Looking into the feasibility of acquiring a mobile spay/neuter clinic and/or a fixed location clinic.
  • Answering phones-Currently having IT reconfigure the phone system. We plan to convert the two closets into mini-offices where volunteers can answer phones.
  • Spay/Neuter adopted animals-In process of meeting goal that no animal leaves shelter without first being spayed or neutered (with exception of kittens and puppies).
  • Draft of formal Euthanasia policy to be presented Nov. 8.
  • Volunteer handbook has been created and reviewed by county attorney. The proposed revisions are being reviewed.
  • Written vision, mission and value statements.
  • In the process of drafting a full and complete standard operating procedures manual.
  • Triage all animals at intake
  • Increase the frequency of animal pleas.
  • Increase access to veterinarians.
  • Establish mandatory training procedures.

These are just a fraction of the improvements that are listed on the formal plan of action items to be taken care of at the animal shelter.

“These are all measurable and attainable goals,” said Noack. “We must continue to work together in order to see these plans through.”

For more information or with any questions, please contact Evan Besong at 281-367-3977 or Marie Moore at 936-760-6998

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