Montgomery County Precinct 3 | James Noack
Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack recently collaborated with the Benders Landing Property Owners Association to donate county right of way that enabled Benders Landing to install a sidewalk along Waterbend Cove.

Funded by the Benders Landing POA, the sidewalk is located between West Benders Landing Boulevard and Birnham Woods Drive, providing a safer path to and from school for students.

“Parents and students were using the sidewalk on the first day of school,” stated the Benders Landing POA in a thank you letter to Commissioner Noack. “They were very thankful for a safe location to walk on away from the many cars using Waterbend Cove. This sidewalk will greatly add to the safety of our community’s children as they go to and from school.”

As a policy, Montgomery County does not fund, install or maintain sidewalks within county right of way. County precincts can donate right of way, and the sidewalks are funded and maintained by a developer and/or POA or homeowners association.

“We were happy to work with Benders Landing to assist them through this process and are proud of the initiative that they showed,” Commissioner Noack said. “If other entities are interested in installing a sidewalk, we will gladly donate the right of way allowing an entity to build, fund and maintain sidewalks in county rights of way.”

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