Flood Mitigation | Montgomery County Precinct 3

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack and The Woodlands Township Director Bruce Rieser met with officials from HUD and FEMA in Washington D.C. to discuss flood mitigation projects and potential repetitive flood buyouts in the county on Wednesday.

This comes after Congressman Kevin Brady and the House passed H.R. 4667 which provides $81 billion in funds for disaster assistance. These funds can be used for projects such as the Montgomery County Reservoirs Project Study. It will be pivotal for protecting the pockets of taxpayers in Montgomery County by building resilience to future natural disasters.

“It was crucial that we show our faces and be outspoken to our senators and congressman to show just how important these issues are to us in Montgomery County,” said Noack. “Meetings with FEMA and HUD have been instrumental in ensuring major progress on these fronts in Montgomery County.”

Currently, the bill is stalled in the Senate. Congressman Kevin Brady’s team, accompanied by Commissioner Noack, Judge Craig Doyal, Township Director Rieser and Chairman Gordy Bunch, met with Senators Cruz and Cornyn, Congressmen Carter and Culberson, the House Leadership staff and House Appropriations Committee staff in order to stress the importance this bill has to residents of Montgomery County and to help push this process forward.

“We look forward to continuing an open dialogue on improving flood mitigation and transportation for Montgomery County residents,” said Noack.

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