CONROE- Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack continued his fight for positive changes at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter during commissioners court on Tuesday. Commissioner Noack’s motion to shift the animal shelter oversight from Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark to all of commissioner court was voted down 4-1, with only Noack in favor. The court did however agree to host a public workshop to discuss the direction and oversight of the animal shelter, the date and time has not yet been determined.

“Our constituents are concerned about the future of the Montgomery County Animal Shelter under its current leadership,” said Commissioner Noack. “The animal shelter is a countywide operation and it would be beneficial for the entire court to have a say in its daily operations.”

The dissenting court members cited that because of the open meeting laws they would not be able to communicate for related matters outside of court as their reason for opposing Commissioner Noack’s motion.

More than 12 citizens spoke out during court about the lingering problems at the shelter including the nine-month backlog for animals to be spayed and neutered, rescue groups being shunned and phones being ignored. Ultimately, the court did approve Commissioner Noack’s second motion that the entire court, not just Commissioner Clark, would handle the hiring of Dr. Todd Hayden’s replacement as the new MCAS director.

“I was pleased with this result,” said Commissioner Noack. “In the future, I look forward to not only the animal shelter, but all department heads reporting to the court where they belong. “

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