CONROE- Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack proposed a resolution opposing the use of private property and/or eminent domain to facilitate the high-speed rail line connecting Houston to Dallas. The resolution was unanimously approved during a regular court session on Tuesday.

“We on the court stand in solidarity with our fellow Texas counties that would be detrimentally impacted by this rail project,” said Noack. “There is no way Texas citizens will allow a private company to seize private property.”

The resolution and order states that high-speed rail crossing county roads would result in increased maintenance costs. The county believes that these projects would also result in unwarranted safety risks to the traveling public.

“I support all state legislative actions forbidding such conduct and vow to fight for the protection of private property rights for citizens of Texas,” said Noack. “I am incredibly proud of the court for unanimously approving this resolution.”

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