Rayford Road Sanitary Sewer Installation Closure | Precinct 3
The partial lane closures scheduled for this weekend on Rayford Road just west of the railroad tracks have been postponed due to the potential inclement weather. The Commissioner’s Office will post a new schedule for the sanitary sewer work being done by the South Montgomery County Municipal Utility District once those dates have been determined. The sewer installation is part of the Rayford Road widening project.

When the work occurs, the plan is for the eastbound lanes to be closed west of the Union Pacific Railroad extending through Abbey Boulevard. Two lanes in each direction will remain open to traffic during this time.

Lanes will be marked with channelizing devices as well as “Road Work Ahead” and “Right/Left Lane Closed” signs.

For more information about the Rayford Road project, visit http://www.precinct3.org/rayford-road/.

For more questions about the project, email Rayford.Road@mctx.org, or call 281-624-6326 or 281-367-3977.

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