Mosquito Spray Locations – Upcoming & Completed

Mosquitoes can ruin the enjoyment of the outdoors and cause certain health problems. To control the population of these pests, Montgomery County Precinct 3 operates a comprehensive mosquito abatement program. This program helps to protect the public’s health and comfort while also remaining cost effective and environmentally safe. Officials look to reduce the bugs at every stage of development by eliminating breeding grounds, killing larvae, and spraying in areas with heavy adult mosquito populations. We also trap and test mosquitoes for disease.

You can help in this effort by ridding your property of all standing water, such as in tires or birdbaths. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so making sure there is less of it will reduce the number of breeding sites.

Doing OUR share in your neighborhood with Integrated Mosquito Management

  1. Trapping and testing mosquitoes for disease
  2. Identifying and eliminating mosquito breeding sites
  3. Larviciding standing water and providing samples of larvicide
  4. Spraying storm drains in affected areas
  5. Street spraying for adult mosquitoes when indicated
Do YOUR share by eliminating standing water on your property!
Click Here for Hints on where to do this at on your property

The safest, most effective mosquito control targets mosquitoes before they fly!