Fight the Bite to reduce disease and protect your family!
  • Water landscape deeply and infrequently—an inch a week is enough! Avoid run-off that creates breeding sites.
  • Check French drains; if water collects, treat with larvicide, i.e. Mosquito Dunks, available at home improvement and garden centers.
  • Check water meter box for leaks and standing water; treat with Mosquito Dunks if needed.
  • Disease-carrying Culex mosquitoes are active from dusk to dawn. Avoid being outdoors during those hours or use a repellent with one of the following active ingredients: 7% Picaridin, DEET or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus.
  • Trouble with daytime, nuisance mosquitoes? Check your neighborhood for overlooked containers of standing water!


mosquito abatement

  1. Clean gutters regularly.
  2. Eliminate debris that holds water.
  3. Repair leaky faucets.
  4. Maintain pools and spas; keep waterfrom pooling on covers.
  5. Drain excess water from plant pots and saucers.
  6. Change birdbaths and water bowls for pets twice a week.
  7. Prevent water from collecting in toys and equipment by turning upside down or storing inside.
  8. Keep yard waste out of storm drains.
  9. Avoid overwatering.


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